A New Vision. A New Approach

The GMA is a “dream come true” for the Malayalees of the City of Gurgaon and the surrounding areas. The city has grown beyond leaps and bounds in the past few years. The challenges and opportunities that the city offers have attracted a stream of new Malayalee families to the area. Now Gurgaon can boast itself to be the home of more Keralites than any other city in India. And the GMA is a natural evolution of this demographic reality and the desire of these residents to find solutions to their cultural and social needs and ambitions.

Gurgaon Malayalee Association is in the initial stage. Like any infant it has its own growing pains. But unlike many cultural organizations it has shown great strength and resilience for its age and has done some marvellous and prodigious things. GMA is not just another Malayalee Association. We have a new vision and we believe in approaching the socio cultural issues of the community differently. Relatively the members of the Gurgaon community comprise of younger families with younger children.

Our organization is very proud of its new approach in its role as local cultural organizations. We believe a cultural organization draws it strength from its roots and not from the top. No organization can succeed without the support of the members. We are hoping to reach out as many members of the community as possible. We are also seeking the support and encouragement from other Malayalee Organizations in the area.

The current executive welcomes your ideas suggestions participation and full cooperation in our activities. Please continue your support to GMA Together we can reach the goal to build a great malayalee community in the city of Gurgaon. Behalf of our executive committee I personally thanks to all our members , supporters and well wishers for our Annual calibration and souvenir release  help in grant success .

Thank you

P.A.Sudarshan Nair
(Chairman, GMA)